At a Glance

Parks Capital is a boutique investment advisory firm in the Bushnell's Basin area of Pittsford, New York. We are registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (S.E.C.) and manage assets for individuals, small businesses, and trusts.

The firm is built upon a single mission of helping our clients achieve their long-term financial goals and overall financial success. The advisors of the firm work closely with clients to help craft their financial goals and build optimum strategies to achieve the goals over time.

Our Focus on Investor Education

At Parks Capital, we believe that an educated investor is a successful investor. While we genuinely appreciate the trust our clients put in us to manage their assets, we also value the fact that this is their money. If clients understand what is going on in the financial world and why we are doing the things we are doing with their portfolios, they are better suited to stay on the path to successfully achieving their goals. We see it as our job to not only manage their portfolio, but also to educate our clients about all things financial allowing them complete transparency and understanding regarding their portfolio. We do this by:

  • Creating useful and interesting content on our YouTube channel
  • Sharing relevant news and educational articles
  • Having one on one conversations during our quarterly reviews
  • Sharing relevant updates via our website, social media platforms and our client experience portal


A small group of advisors - tired of the old brokerage practices of big wire house firms - decided to break away and form a new kind of financial services firm, one that focused entirely on the future of its clients and not on sales targets and transactions processed.

On November 11th 2005, we formed this kind of firm and called it Parks Capital. We were so focused on changing the old practices that the firm chose to implement a model where the client doesn't pay us a single penny in transaction costs or sales charges. We designed and adopted an advisory model where we no longer sell products to clients, instead we buy investments for clients based on their unique financial plan and needs. Our clients pay us as their long-term advisors and confidants instead of their broker or sales associate.

This client focused, plan-oriented approach took us away from the industry standard of how to find our next client to a goal of how to give our clients the best services and guidence so they can grow and achieve their goals.

Our Suite of Financial Tools

Black Diamond Client Experience Portal. With this Industry leading wealth management platform, our clients have access to real-time performance data and other key tools providing them with a transparent view of their finances. Secure document sharing and access to statements and reports is made easy with the Vault.
MoneyGuidePro Planning Software. Financial planning software maps goals and risks to create a quality financial plan that accounts for our client's expectations, concerns, fears, and goals. With Money Guide Pro's industry leading interactive tools, we can adjust variables in realtime to see how different life events or strategies affect long term goals.
Schwab Alliance. Schwab Alliance is a version of the website and is a customized online experience for clients. This tool provides on-demand access to important account information and documents. This industry leading platform allows our clients to quickly manage their accounts in a secure environment while showing actual value with dynamically updated stock and index prices.
Parks Capital YouTube Channel. As wealth managers, we are often asked the same question more than once. We know it will be asked again, and we know it is a topic that clients are interested in. We use YouTube as one of our educational tools to provide answers and guidance on these important financial topics.

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