Our Investment Philosophy

Plan, Perform, Protect
Good planning is the stepping stone to a sound financial future. Our advisors create custom designed plans that focus on the individual client's needs, situations, and goals.
Plans are only good if they lead us to the desired level of performance. Performance often corresponds to the percentage of return you receive on your financial investments. It's more than just the number on your monthly statement.
Our advisors bring together their experience and expertise to create a unique and effective risk management strategy for our clients.

Focus on Investor Education

At Parks Capital, we believe that an educated investor is a successful investor.

We see it as our job to not only manage their portfolio, but also to educate our clients about all things financial allowing them complete transparency and understanding regarding their portfolio.

How do we help with financial education?

We are committed to providing clients with valuable education on relevant financial topics to help you reach their financial goals. We do this by:

  • Creating useful and interesting content on our YouTube channel
  • Sharing relevant news and educational articles
  • Having one on one conversations during our quarterly reviews
  • Sharing relevant updates via our website, social media platforms and our client experience portal

Focus on Communication

The Parks Capital team maintains a strong emphasis on communicating with our clients in individual meetings, by phone, email, newsletters, and social media.

Establishing a relationship and building the financial plan is only the beginning of our journey together. Parks Capital was designed as a boutique firm for a reason. We are here to serve each of our clients individually and for each of their life milestones.

The Parks Capital team prides itself on our relationships with our clients. We are just a phone call away when they need us.


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