Fee Based Registered Investment Advisor vs Financial Broker
Parks Capital is a fee based Registered Investment Advisor - an individual or a firm registered with the SEC or the state and provides financial advisory services to its clients for a fee based on the percentage of assets under management. Such advisors are paid only by their clients and do not collect a commission or sales charge from third parties.
A Financial Broker is an individual who is associated with a broker dealer. A financial broker is compensated by collecting a commission or a sale charge paid on the trade or product. The fiduciary responsibility of a financial broker is limited to the time of the sale.

Parks Capital is proud to be a
100% fee-based investment advisory firm

So what does this mean for our clients?
  • There is no minimum account fee
  • We do not receive compensation from any third party affiliates
  • Our clients pay us a small percentage of their total assets managed by us
  • Parks Capital acts as fiduciary over client assets
  • Clients only buy and sell assets that are deemed appropriate for their risk profile and financial goals

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